Our Year In France

David and I are still living the dream in Nice on the French Riviera. I have to pinch myself that we are actually here and getting along just fine even though my French is "un peu."We were just in Oregon earlier this month to downsize our storage POD and get it ready to ship to... Continue Reading →

Burgundy – More than Just Red Wine

For the past 4 months we have lived in a traditional French country home in the center of the charming medieval town of Semur-en-Auxois. We arrived in April to grey skies, blustery winds and rain that lasted most of the month. Thank heavens we had not packed away all our warm clothes. Our house had... Continue Reading →

Fontenay Abbey

One of the advantages of leasing a car for a couple of months is the spontaneity of adventurous travel. During a warm spring day, we drove out to the Fontenay Abbey, one of Europe’s oldest Cistercian monasteries. The Cistercian Order was a religious order, made up of monks and nuns who fully embraced a life of... Continue Reading →

Quiche For a Day

In our neighborhood, we have two prominent grocery stores to shop in, Carrefour and Casino (no slot machines available.) We also have several fabulous outdoor markets about a half mile away, where you can find everything from fresh wild shrimp and fish to meats, cheeses, smoked beets and vegetables. With the plethora of stunning produce... Continue Reading →

Our Loop through the French Alps

Nice sits at the edge of the Mediterranean Sea at the southern end of the French Alps. And to our delight, a visit to those storied peaks is just an hour north so it is the perfect two-day getaway. Retirement means never having to say "weekend getaway" anymore. The Alps are as dramatic as any... Continue Reading →

Riding Pillion

I’m the Pillion rider on our BMW. That’s a mostly British term for a secondary cushion or back seat on a motorcycle. The word comes from the Scottish Gaelic term for “little rug”or pillean. I can imagine animal pelts would have been used as a secondary seat on the back of a horse. At any... Continue Reading →

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